Focus on Australia

In 2015, a small group of people from the ReThink Orphanages coalition in Australia came together to create a solution to address the country's impact on the institutionalisation of children overseas, in response to the proliferation of orphanages and the associated increase in voluntourism they had witnessed in their work.

Bringing together a core group of specialists from different sectors, ReThink Orphanages Australia was launched in January 2016. The steering group is made up of the following organisations: 

  • ACCI Relief
  • Alto Global Consulting
  • Cambodia Children's Trust
  • Forget Me Not
  • Intrepid 
  • Griffith Law School
  • Save the Children Australia

Today we are represented by 27 organisations  and individuals from international aid and development, philanthropy, education and faith-based communities and is working with externals stakeholders from a range of sectors including government, media, and the travel industry. 

In 2017, ReThink Orphanages Australia took a lead role in highlighting the intersection between orphanages, orphanage trafficking and modern slavery in the context of Australia's Inquiry into establishing a Modern Slavery Act. Read our submission to the Inquiry

In 2018, Australia became the first nation in the world to recognise orphanage volunteering as a form of modern slavery. 

This means that if the Modern Slavery Act is passed by the Senate, a reporting entity with activities or supply chains which involve orphanages will need to assess and report on any risks relating to modern slavery in these operations.

A better way to care

ReThink Orphanages Australia provides advice and information to government, business, donors, and non-profits on policy, child focused giving, transitioning from residential to community based care, responsible tourism, child rights focused business models, and technical advice. Contact us to find out more